HALO jump

Condenced storyboard sequence for the halo jump sequence in Godzilla.

Let Them Fight


MUTO-Dive Bomb

Storyboard sequence for Godzilla. We always knew we wanted the winged version to mimic a stealth bomber, not to mention it will be carrying a nuclear warhead. Gareth Edwards and I would draw tiny little thumbnails, which I would later work up. This shot looked great in the movie!


Winged Muto 01

My first attempt at the Winged Muto......

We considered giving him 4 wings in the shape of an X-wing to begin with. He looked cool, but too much like a dragon. 


Godzilla- Dragon Arch

GODZILLA © Legendary Pictures


Train Attack

Here the MUTO has a stubby head in comparrison to the final design....also she's HUGE!


Unused storyboard panels....



Muto Attack

Winged Muto attacks Godzilla before the station doors close. This image was created during post, unlike most of my work.


Let Them Fight

I started this early on in production, but finished it off much later once the Mutos were finalised.

Will post more soon, including the design process for the MUTO's.....

p.s I have no idea why google decides to "Auto-enhance" your images, but is so annoying, and totally ruins artwork. I just found out you can remove this if you use a Google+ account, in case anyone else is having the same problem.

This one has an older MUTO design. 


The King is Back

Finally the big G has been awakened! I had a great time working on this movie and looking forward to sharing my work later down the line, but for now you can always pick up a copy of the new art book "The Art of Destruction"....

Go check out the movie though - its awesome!



Folding Ship - Landing

Based on the folding ship design used before...



So on top of my day job, which has been working on the upcoming Godzilla remake, for the past I try to find time to work on my own projects and ideas for features, graphic novels or games etc. I decided to shelve one of them yesterday, after seeing an upcoming game which is too similar for comfort. So I thought id just go ahead and post a couple of sketches I made for it.

It was set in the not too distant future, but with a Nam feel to it. Its basically a modified Bell helicopter :)